• First, I highly suggest checking out Dan Wahlin’s Dynamically Loading Controllers and Views with AngularJS and RequireJS if you haven’t already done so; this post directly expands on his examples. If you have, and are familiar with it, then let us recap on Dan Wahlin’s example.  In the example we invoke our controller, and view routing in […]

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  • Circuitbomb Starbound

    January 19, 2014

    Printing Press – Starbound

    So there is this awesome, crazy, new game out called Starbound.  It’s totally rad and fun.  It’s pixel based, sandbox, fly in space, kill stuff, build stuff and has modding capabilities.  The mod Printing Press is my first attempt at pixel based art and pixel art for animations.  One of the first things I did […]

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  • They’re coming.  Headsets that is.  From castAr and Google Glass to Oculus Rift and Valves VR offerings; consumer virtual reality hardware is right there on the horizon.  It isn’t that surprising actually.  Most of us already have a generalized idea of what virtual reality is as we’ve all been subjected to the concept in one way or another […]

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  • Her

    January 16, 2014

    The movie “Her”

    I’m generally not one of those people who go to great lengths to talk about a movie.  I don’t review them particularly, or really get into much discussion over the films I do or don’t like.  This short review is an exception.  I recently watched the movie “Her”  written and directed by Spike Jonez, starring Joaquin […]

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  • Ok, so maybe the title of this post is a little off, or confusing.  It’s a bit late for me anyways…While I was sitting here contemplating life and technology (such as I do often) I started thinking about how I interact with my machine.  It was a deep conversation with myself,  I questioned the possible […]

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